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Calendar Viewing Bug?

I am a member of linked troops, Scoutmaster in T319G and troop admin in T312B, both approved positions. When I open my calendar in either unit, I only see the events for the unit that I am a Scoutmaster, or events that are for both units. I created a TEST event for T312B while in that unit’s view, but I cannot see the event on the calendar. My son who is an ASM in both units can see it on the calendar, and because he can see T312B’s calendar event, he has the link at the bottom left to to subscribe to T312B’s calendar. I can only see it if I go directly to the URL for that event (https://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/dashboard/calendar/event.asp?EventID=3022790). Is there a nuance that I am missing?

@LisaBattern - check the gear in the upper right on the calendar view. Make sure the other unit is selected.

Yep, that was it. Not sure I have ever noticed the gear before, but my second unit was not checked off. Selecting it shows everything on the calendar. Thank you for your help.

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