Camping and Service Hours Not Showing up for a Transferred Scout

I’m not sure if this a bug per se, or if this just a “feature” on the SQL aggregation for reports. I have a Scout whose family moved across the state. None of his camping or service hours seem to have transferred with him. The new SM provided the Scout with his current status, and none of the camping or service hours he performed as part of our Troop show up on the report.

When I pull a report for the period he was with our Troop, he does not show at all, but when I drill down into individual activities he is clearly showing up.

I’m not sure what to do here. I can go into all of the activities and tally up nights of camping and hours of service, but there isn’t really a way for the new Troop to import that. Shouldn’t this have transferred with the Scout?

I’m not wanting to give Scout specific information on the forum, but I would appreciate some help with this.



Post the scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

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The Scout’s BSA id is 140810374.


The Scout has only 1 Scoutbook account with all of his history. There are activities from 2/4/21 to 6/16/23. Is the issue that these are not appearing in your reports? Can you provide the ref: number at the bottom of the report where the data is missing? The developers need this to investigate report issues.

@JamesBishop1 - is the selector/check box for other unit activity selected ?


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