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Camping log edit

How do I go and edit a camping log from before we used Scoutbook? They are not listed as multi nights so no Scout shows any long term camping on the OA report. I need to change the dates of the older camping trips that look like they were recorded wrong.

The pre-IA2 logs are not currently editable. I know that it has been requested several times before, but SUAC hasn’t been told, IIRC from other threads, whether or when it might be implemented.

How do I fix it so the OA report shows who eligible and it’s not showing nights of campi g for the leaders

You could create new camping events with the correct number of nights minus one, so the nights of camping totals up correctly.

Example: You had summer camp Jul 14-20, 2019, and the old log imported this as 1 camping night on Jul 14. Create another event from Jul 15-20, 2019 for 5 nights. That should square up almost everything.

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I was trying not to have top go back a few years and also look and see who was at what camping trip. Why can’t I just be able to edit the event ?

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