IA Camping log dates are all out of whack going back multiple years

Each scout is listed separately and if camping was over multiple days, only the start date is listed. Do I have to go back and manually correct each one?

@HollySutcliffe - that is the result of the logs having been in scoutbook they were all individual log entries. If the number of days are correct then that is what matters.

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Thank you, Stephen. All events are listed as one day events, regardless if it was a week long or weekend. Start and end dates are the same for each entry for each scout. The start date is correct. Assuming I will have to correct manually for each scout and for each year. For example, If there were 10 scouts that went to Camp Rainey Mountain in 2018, each one is showing up in IA individually and all with start and end date on the same day even though it was a week long camping trip so I will need to adjust the end dates for each entry. Thanks for clarification.

@HollySutcliffe - can you run a report of the activity logs specifically for camping and see if the total nights are correct. I am willing to bet that the number of days and nights were captured even though the start and end show a singular day.

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