IA Camping Activity

Camping activity does not show up in IA activity calendar but shows up when I run a report. 03/31/2023-04/02/2023 It was added twice to the Activity calendar because I didn’t think it updated. Now I can’t find either activity to delete the second one.

@CD32 well that is the Activity Log not the IA Calendar - they are different - are you talking about the Cabin to Cabin campout?

@DonovanMcNeil Sorry I am referring to the Activity log. The missing camping activity is New Scout skills, held on 03/31/23-04/02/23. It shows up when I run a report. I entered it a second time. I thought I had forgotten to add it. Neither entry shows up on the log, but does on the report.

There is an issue for events over 2 months being worked on

@DonovanMcNeil I found a work around. I went to a Scout’s activity log, clicked edit and deleted the second entry.