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Camping Log Report - doesn't convert properly in to SCV

When converting Activity Log Report for Camping into SCV the data in the columns gets mixed:
End Date doesn’t display a date but it grabs the data from the nights total and from there all other columns get mixed up. Please see the attached files

@DiyanaMiriyala - could you actually post screen shots made by snipping tool rather than photos of the screen. That would be helpful.


@DiyanaMiriyala - I see the columns listed in the order in which they are on the report
Days; Nights; Frost points and the totals appear to match. I am not noting anything out of order in these captures.

@Stephen_Hornak If you look in the end date column on her spreadsheet, it’s not showing the dates that are listed in the End Date column on the PDF version.

@DiyanaMiriyala - yes I see that but the raw data is correct in the csv. I will need to look at a report from my units.

  • it is the totals that mis-align one column back.
    I will muck around a bit more with this. Although I do not often use the csv export.

Hi,Columns’ names are displayed correctly.
But the data in some of them is mixed up.
First of “End Date” doesn’t have the end date of the camp out but instead contains the total of camp nights. For the first person this is value of 3. Next column “Nights” has 3 entries that should total to “3” but the total is displayed as “5”, and so on.

@DiyanaMiriyala - yes I noted that when I amended my prior post. It would appear that the totals are shifted one cell left. My personal thought is to look at the file in notepad for missing delimited markers. I will do that in a bit.

@DiyanaMiriyala - I opened the file in notepad, added “,” after the word Totals which shifted the numbers one column to the right. That aligned them to the appropriate columns.

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This has been reported to the developers. They are looking into it.