Correcting camping, service, or hiking dates/info for transfer scout from another council

I have a transfer incoming Scout from Far East council and I cannot edit any of her camping, service or hiking and we have nights listed and dates are incorrect.

I am CC/Advancements and can do edits for all the current scouts. We are military based unit, so we get transfer scouts from around the world every year.
How can I get these fixed-
Reach out to previous unit and ask them to correct the record, see if the parent can edit it, or accept that the record has wrong dates - not ideal?

If you can provide the Scout’s BSA member number, we can take a look.

Can you be specific about how the entries are incorrect? Are they under / over?

Yeah that is a tough one if actually entered by a unit

HI - she has 2 ids - previous with far east council 14087044 where the entries were made by the unit.
She has been transferred into NCAC 140517652 and assigned a new bsa id. I am trying to correct the dates for the camping and do not have edit option. I am guessing because they were approved by far east unit. We can reach out to them to see if they can fix the record, but no guarantee if that will happen. Is there a way to correct the dates to show 2 nights and 3 days for all but one event where is was 2 days, 1 night - cub event as den chief?

@LauraFloersheim - the dates dont set that… it is thd days/nights field. If you look at the entry of a new event you will see the boxes for days and nights… jeez

What is the correction that needs to be made? Have they under or over awarded camping nights? If under, I’d just add new entries to add the missing nights.


She is currently registered with both units. If the former troop is willing to fix the camping dates, we could switch her back to the other BSA member number and council so they can make the change.

Hi Jennifer,

The nights box recorded actual nights camped correctly, so from advancements recording tracking perspective - it is ok. It is the days and the dates camped that are wrong.
Would I have access to editing these events after recharter is complete and she is only registered in our unit so I can correct the dates and activity days instead of relying on the other unit to correct the record and needing you to switch her account back and forth? Trying to not make a lot of extra work for others and still get the reports correct. She is a military youth dependent, and her family will only be with our unit for a short time, and I expect will prob. finish her trail in another unit.

If not, I’ll reach out to other unit to see if they can update the record to reflect the correct dates and days camped. Thanks

@LauraFloersheim - here is the thing… if the nights camping count is correct. .then why worry about the dates. The dates are not what is listed in requirements.

I do not think you will be able to edit the events, because they were approved by the other unit.

Right now, the other unit isn’t able to edit the events, either, because her BSA member number belongs to your council. In order for them to edit it, I would have to switch it in Scoutbook.

Because as a unit operating on military base unit with military dependent youth, we often have challenges with lost books and such and having a correct report record with dates etc make it easier on the incoming units if they don’t use SB. She will also be the first Eagle in their family - at least that is her goal and something she would like to have, and I was trying to make that possible for her. I would have just corrected it myself, but don’t have access.

I do recognize that since the nights camped is logged correctly, the ia system will give her the credit due for advancements, but her next incoming unit will more than likely ask the same questions I did when I got the report and the dates and nights camped didn’t align. I’ll have her make a pen adjustment on her hardcopy report and let her and dad know the additional work required of others due to system limitations to correct the file. Not trying to create a lot of work for others - we are all busy with our volunteer, etc work.
I appreciate the info and responses. Now, I at least know, as I expect I will see this again in my position.

@LauraFloersheim - take a look at the eagle rank application where does it list camping nights and respective dates… if camping merit badge is earned and awarded along with prior ranks then its a moot point

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Stephen, I am very familiar with the Eagle application, and it doesn’t. I have acknowledged the system is noting correct nights in the nights camped box after clarifying with the Scout/parent as her Scout handbook did not have any of them entered into it. Given the challenges as a military unit we face, I was trying to correct the record due to the confusion it often creates when they move. The dates entered suggest she is short nights credited because the box is marked 2 but the dates entered suggest she camped 3 nights each. As she was in Far East council, it is possible they could have had 3-night campouts.
We have a best as it can be solution without creating more work for others. It is nice having a clean report for Eagle Court of honor program planning and for their permanent file but making do with marked up corrected copy. Many Scouts/families like it with all the moving we do.

Thank you for the feedback and have a good night.

I can definitely see the benefits of clearing this up thinking of the next unit so they don’t have questions or waste time on it. That said, I also wouldn’t lose much sleep over it.

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