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.CSV reports now running landscape vs portrait

We run reports to help the SPL plan for campouts, this new format is going to make it very time consuming to get what they need.
In the past the name ran across the top and the requirements ran down the left side. This is how the preview still shows.
When it is downloaded it changes to name running down the left and the requirements running across the top.
What used to be only 1-2 page is now showing as 4-7 pages (depending on the report be run).


In the Report Builder Designer, make sure the Show Pivoted Presentation check box is not set. image

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Thank you for the quick response. It was not checked. I have attached some screenshots to show what is happening.

Thank you for the clarification. I have passed this on to the developers.

A fix for this issue is being tested.

I am having the same problem. All looks good until I download the report and the Scouts are on the left and the requirement are across the top. And the whole requirement isn’t even shown as well as using twice as much paper to print. I also checked the pivot button and it was not checked.



I have verified the fix for both the PDF and csv being rotate is currently being tested.

The fix for this issue has been released.

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