Activity Log Report Incorrect

I created an activity (campout) with a start date being accurate and the end date being today. I added boys and saved the campout. I realized my error (92 consecutive nights of camping) and corrected the date. Then the activity was approved. Currently each boy is still being credited with 92 nights while the campout dates are accurate and reflect 1 night. This just happened - does this autocorrect overnight or is there something further i need to do?

Thank you,
Steven Lobasso

Could you provide BSA member numbers for some of the Scouts? (No names).

Thank you Jennifer - I was able to fix it by toggling to the “advanced” tab under edit on the internet advancement tool / Activities. There the nights were captured as 92. Easy fix. However, I now found another issue that is similar. On Jan 24, 2020 we entered a campout which was a cabin campout. We realized we do not want that event registering as a campout for the camping or OA reports so I edited the dates to 0 nights. However, the system is still recording 1 night. Currently the system is not letting me adjust to 0 nights. The basic page reads 0 nights and the advanced page 1 night.

Is that campout one of the legacy caming logs that was copied over?

Yes - from Legacy

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