Can anyone assist: "NEW SCOUT needs to be setup with advancement sync"

Hello we have a new Scout in troop just up from Arrow of Light and are getting the following message. Key 3 is unsure of what to do to resolve. Can anybody here assist?

BSA MEMBER # is blank, could that be part of the issue?
“NEW SCOUT needs to be setup with advancement sync before you can approve any of his advancement. Any Key 3 member or Admin can setup advancement sync for this Scout from his account page”

Yes, the member ID needs to be there for advancement sync to work
Let me see if I can find it.

He is still registered in Pack 51. Someone needs to transfer him to your troop. Do that if the pack is finished entering all Cub Scout advancements, including AOL.

Instructions here: Transferring from Another Unit - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

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His bsa id is 133738043

Yes, that is the number that is registered in the Pack. If the pack is finished recording advancements for him, then use the transfer tool to move his registration into the troop.

It looks like both units (pack and troop) have not completely finished Recharter and are in the grace period. I do not think the my.scouting transfer tool works in this situation.

At any rate, it looks like someone created a new Scoutbook account, so currently the Scout has 2 Scoutbook accounts. We can merge them.

However, the Scout’s registration issue still needs to be worked out to get him officially registered in the troop.

Or just end the new account’s membership @PatrickMaguire. When the transfer happens the Scout will move into the troop.

OK thank you, he is going to Merit Badge Workshop and we wanted to make sure it was done before that so I guess the grace period will cover that


@PatrickMaguire If this merit badge workshop is coming up soon, then I would recommend turning in a paper youth application for him to the local council before then.

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@PatrickMaguire if all the cub scout advancements have been entered into the system by the pack. You can move him into the troop with the instructions here: Transferring from Another Unit - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

he was already transferred and appears on the troop roster, he just does not have the “A” with the circle around it

I sent you a private message on this. Click on the P in the circle in the upper right then the envelope

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