Advancement Sync - Unable to figure out how to connect

Good morning. I’m trying to add a Scout that has been in my Den since December 2021. I have been purchasing his advancements out of pocket because I want him included when he earns his advancements with the rest of his Den. We have completed recharter and he’s still not added. I finally added him to ScoutBook, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to “sync” him to BSA so I can start awarding him his advancements, community hours, camp outs, and hikes.

My CC suggests that I have to got to Council’s office to get this issue resolved. I’m trying to see if there is a way I can avoid a trip because I’m working non-stop the next three weeks. If I have to, I will. I just wanted to see if someone knows a way to fix the issue without the extra trip.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Shawna Conley
New Asst. Cubmaster
Tiger Den Leader
Pack 3773

@ShawnaConley first make sure with a Key 3 that the Scout is on Roster at - if there then the Scout is registered - if not they need to register. If they are on that roster you can go to the Scouts Scoutbook membership in Scoutbook and try Unapproving it and saving. Then reapprove it, that often solves it.

You can also post the scouts BSA # and we can tell you if they are registered

I can see that I haven’t officially be added as Cubmaster at, which could explain some of the issues. I don’t have the scout’s BSA number, but I do have his user ID number, will that help?

@ShawnaConley If there is no BSA # on the profile that is the first major issue - yes post the User ID and we can look around

Scout UserID is 12351252

Based on name and DOB this scout is not - and has never been registered - parents need to fill out an application or unit needs to find one turned in

They did. Back in December as far as I know. I’ll reach out to my CC and see if maybe it was misplaced. Thank you for your help!

It might have been turned in with recharter - your units recharter is not completed yet

Yeah, I will follow up with my Committee Chair. I was under the impression it was completed. I’ve reached out and we’ll have to go from there. Thank you!

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