Can Assistant Den Leaders access Scoutbook?

I have an Assistant Den Leader and I would like for him to access Scoutbook for Den Leaders so he can easily run den meetings in case the Den Leader is absent. Is it possible for him to access the Scoutbook for Den Leaders app having the role of Assistant Den Leader?

Yes as long as they are connected to the Scouts - now what they can do in Den Leader Experience I am not sure of

Thank you for your answer!!

I’d probably make them a den admin to ensure they stay connected to all scouts if they aren’t already one.

Just a word of warning about using DLE:

  1. Once set up, moving meetings is time consuming
  2. There is no way to only sign off on some of the requirements from the planned meeting. It’s all or nothing, including homework.
  3. There is no undo. Once you take attendance, even removing the attendance does not undo the completions.

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