Make pack admins able to access den leader experience

Please allow pack admins to access DLE, we have new den leaders, cubmaster, and it is hard to share with them this tool when only den leaders have access to it.

In its development it was decided only DLs need it - it causes too much of a calendar mess for the unit if a CM or Admin were to go in for every Den and setup the Den in DLE, if the DL was not going to use it anyway. It is the DL’s decision to use DLE or not.

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@KristaHolmes - I actually recommend that the DLE NOT be used by anyone in the pack.

A CC or CM can add a den leader position in scoutbook if they really want access to DLE.

Den Admins should also be able to access the DLE.

We are just using if for the Den Guides, we aren’t using any of the other features, it is too confusing.

Yes, pass the buck and make more work for leaders, by making them setup more roles for leaders so they can access stuff they should already be able access as the pack admin (eye roll). It is really annoying to have all the dens listed on my dashboard because I am a assistant den leader, just so I can login and see what is in DLE and support my den leaders.

@KristaHolmes - adding the den leader role in scoutbook does not add any work. It is your suggestion that they be able to access something that is only partially used. That is additional work and not very productive

For the den leader guides

Thank you for this! I really appreciate it.

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