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Can I add a scout to a camping event already logged?

I want to go back and add a scout to a camping event I already reported attendance for. Is there a way to add a scout to an existing camping log event without retyping the event, date, nights, etc?

No - each log (even if quick entry was used) is individual for each scout right now - you will just have to retype it


Are you referring to the calendar entry or the camping log?

If the calendar entry, you need to edit the event then click the Invitees button, change the list as appropriate, click SET then click SAVE. Remember, calendar attendance does not update the camping logs. You can use the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox the fill in a Quick Entry screen to update logs.

If you are referring to the camping log, each Scout has their own log. Go to the Scout’s page and click Camping Log then enter the data for that Scout.

I was referring to the camping log, so I’ll go ahead and edit the individual scout’s record. Thanks for the replies!