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Can I de-select the inactive scout den for a pack-wide event announcement/invite?

I made a den full of all the inactive scouts that are no longer in the pack. However when I make a pack event, it wants to include all of them and send notices. Can I deselect it? Or maybe have a feature that is specifically a group for inactive scouts instead of having an imaginary den?

The only way that I’ve found to keep them off of mailers is to go into each of these Scouts and “Disapprove” their current membership. Not intuitive, nor does it make sense, but that is the way it is designed. Once you do this, they won’t show up on future mailings and invites.

If I disapprove their membership, does this affect them if they join another pack? I don’t think it’s the same as a full deletion.

No as @MichaelTrotochaud described it just turns off functions in your unit like messaging and advancements

Thanks for confirming. I have a new project to get to work on.

That worked. It’s not intuitive, but you have to click on “membership”, then select current membership, then there’s a disapprove button and they disappear from the roster. Now we don’t need an imaginary den of inactive scouts.

Disapproving their membership should leave the Scout on your roster.

If you want the Scout off of your roster, then you should put an end date on their membership with your pack.

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