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All Pack -mails sent to inactive scout parents

We have had some scouts leave this year and we normally add them to an inactive den as per the recommendation on the website. However, the parents of these scouts would like to stop receiving Pack emails. What is the best way to remove the parent email from the roster so that they don’t receive emails sent to the entire Pack?


First Unapprove the Scouts membership
Second, if the scout is listed on any event they still might get email (but I think unapprove knocks that out)

The parent can go into ScoutBook and say they do not wish to receive any e-mail, or Update all the unit event invitations, which should remove any Scout / Parent whose account is inactive.


Thank you Donovan and Rick.

I went in an unapproved the scout membership and then the parents disappeared from the possible names to email to within the message section.


@DonovanMcNeil What exactly does “Unapproving” a Scout’s membership do? I’m experiencing the same thing, but before I “unapprove” anyone, I’d like to know the implications of it.

it makes it so the scout is unapproved - so no emails, no advancements

Michael, it removes the green shield next to their name in the roster view. If you want to restore the scout, you may go back into the scout’s membership and approve them by checking the approval box.

@DougWright I understand it will remove the green shield, but what are the impacts of this action besides removing the shield. It sounds like it takes them off the “Send Message” lists, which is a good thing. However, I also read that if a Scout’s membership is not “Approved”, when they are removed from our official roster, they will actually stay on our Scoutbook roster. If the only way to have them automatically removed when they are dropped is for them to be “Approved”, I might not want to do this.

What I’m trying to find out are the impacts of this change in status. Any information is appreciated. And as it’s been said many times in the past, there needs to be a way to place a Scout in an inactive status to place them in a “holding pattern” while waiting for the official roster to reflect that they are no longer registered with the unit, and ensuring that they are not being communicated with.

@MichaelTrotochaud sounds like you have the picture. Assuming it’s truly and inactive scout, that is the only downside I’ve heard of. To be clear, that is a bug. I’m not even sure if it still exists, since it primarily occurs at recharter time.

@jacobfetzer Thank you for clarifying this. Some of our inactive Scouts (we’re a Pack) are Scouts that have aged out and crossed over. They may or may not join a Troop. Of the Scouts that crossed over this year, half of them still have not dropped from our roster. Some have when they joined a Troop, and others haven’t. We also have Scouts that have moved out of the area and are not associated with the unit any more. With both of these cases, these are Scouts that are definitely “inactive”. We also have the ones that the parents have stated the child is no longer in Scouting and don’t want to be contacted any more.

Hopefully this bug is cleared up so that the members actually drop when they are removed from the official roster at recharter.

Perhaps to help clear up some of the confusion the “Approved” toggle should be renamed to “Active”.

On a related note, what would happen if I just placed approved members into an “unapproved” Den?

If you just put the inactive Scouts in an inactive Den, they’ll still get reminders for events that they were invited to while they were active, and they’ll (their parents, that is) will still show up in the messaging module, and be included if you select all parents for a message.

@SteveCagigas So, what would be the purpose of an inactive Den? It looks like there is no impact to the Scouts whatsoever.

To help you keep organized. If I move the Scout to the Inactive den I know somewhere I have documentation that says the Scout is leaving the Pack.

@MichaelTrotochaud Scouts only drop of your roster immediately when they move from one unit to another unit WITHIN your council. Otherwise they stay on your roster until you re-charter. That’s the reason why other leaders were talking about them being moved to an inactive den/patrol. That is the only way you can deal with kids that are no longer active in your group for whatever reason.

How do you “Unapprove” the Scout’s membership? I don’t see it under Edit Scout Profile or under <scout’s name> Membership.

Ben Slade
Pack 478 of Kensington MD

Ben, when you open the scout’s current membership, there is a box with a check in it. Click the box to remove the check. Then save. Now, the scout will not have a green shield next to their name in roster view.

@BenjaminSlade you have to be an Admin to see the Approve/Unapprove

I used the wrong terminology there. I meant to ask: What would be the purpose of an UNAPPROVED Den? It looks like there is no impact to the Scouts whatsoever.

Any reason to have an UNAPPROVED Den?

@ElkeSander I meant to say Unapproved Den, not Inactive Den. I reasked my question above.

Once an unapproved den has no Scouts and no leaders, it is removed from the pack. The next time you log in, it will not be in the den list.