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How to Disable But Not Delete a Scout?

I’m looking for a way to pseudo-disable a scout who has decided to not return to scouting, but not necessarily lose the connection hoping that they may return at some point (this has happened within the last year).

My use case is that I’d like to make sending invites and messages easier, allowing us to send unit-wide messages without extra inertia. At this point, we have to remember which scouts are no longer with us and de-select the parent(s). Message groups don’t work as they are only stored in the local browser and can’t be shared between devices or leaders. Invites suffer from not being able to select by group or even den.

We’ve moved the affected scouts into their own den to “disable” them for the individual DLs, but that doesn’t help when we have to handle things at the pack level.

Has anyone else come up with a good way to do this? Is there just a setting I’m missing somewhere?

You can unapprove membership - then you still see scout in unit - but no emails on events and you cannot approve advancements

or put an end date to the scouts membership - all admins should retain a connection to the scout under their own connections

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Move the Scout into a separate den for inactive Scouts and disapprove the Scout’s current membership with your pack. You can do this by going to the Scout’s Membership page, click on the Scout’s current membership with your pack, then uncheck the box next to “Position Approved”.

Alternatively, you can also put an end date on the Scout’s membership, which will remove the Scout from your unit roster entirely.


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