Can I pull up who earned AOL even after they have long crossed over?

I’m going through our JTE for our Pack. One question is out of the Webelos, who earned AOL in the spring. Is there a way for me to still pull this up? They all crossed over to troops. Or is that really no longer possible?

hmmm - each individual Cub History? I am not sure if report builder would do it by date??? How I have always run is it is just JTE - who cares and guess

It is a measure of our success (at least those who make the JTE measures thing so)! I can email the old den leader. I just wish it pulled these items automatically. It is in there, somewhere!

@Matt.Johnson - I wonder if you could back into it via the needs purchasing reports from the pack around the time of the bridging. I think all you need is a count I think.

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In theory, the new CS Adventure and Award report is supposed to help with that (under Pack Reports menu), however, it doesn’t appear to pull the registered scouts for the time period of the report

@ZacharyMcCarty - yeah… that one pulls current registered scouts… I think my suggestion may be the closest unless I find some obscure report somewhere.

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@Matt.Johnson - the only other report that may get you there is the record of changes report on the pack side. Change the filter to pull in the date of crossover…

This was key to see new Scouts from 1/1 and those that left, which on our case were crossovers. But yes, that report was key.

Should be able to filter the IA roster history tab for the arrow of light rank - change to last 365 days - that should include those that were in the unit at the time of their rank pre-crossover?

I have never even noticed that tab! It is very cool, but does not show those who left the pack.

That would be a great edition. Even if it only was in the report vs the nice interactive display.

I still see scouts that transferred out earlier in the year in our history view - but that was within Scouts BSA and not changing programs. Perhaps that is the distinction.

@Matt.Johnson found a more elegant solution. Forgot about CS Recognition Report. Automatically adjusts for scouts in unit during time of report. Gives total of awards earned (ie total number of AOL) at bottom of the report. Give it a shot and see if this doesn’t help. Found in Pack Reports from the Pack (unit) page in Scoutbook.

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