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Can I view records of a scout that has already eagled?

I have a scout that earned eagle about a month or two ago. We are preparing materials for eagle ceremony and I wanted to display all the MB, ranks, awards, etc…this scout has earned. The scout is on the charter, but not as a scout anymore, but a scouter reserve. So, I cannot click on his name and see his accomplishments like other scouts. Is there a way to get this info, either on scoutbook or internet advancement? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

if he is already an adult - you will have to contact council to get his Scout History

That is what I was afraid of…I have already emailed council about it. Thanks for the quick response, Donovan.

unless he is still on the Scout side of the Scoutbook roster - if that is the case then you can get it from his Reports

No, he’s not. I love scoutbook when compared to internet advancement! But he’s an adult now on there, not a scout. Everything is pulled at that point…which kind of stinks.

We have asked to be able to run the Cub Scout and Scouts BSA History Reports for anyone with a BSA#. At this time we do not know when this change will be ready

That would be awesome. I figured that would eventually happen.