Can Login, but No Visibility to Troop Details

Strange issue happening for me. Some background…
I’m the Scoutmaster for boy Troop A, in council A
I’m a parent and committee member for girl Troop B, in council B

Recently, when council B made me an active committee member, my access to changed and I could no longer see Troop A’s details. It took me some time, but I figured out that my account was showing primary on council B, instead of council A. Using this site: My Scouting I changed my primary membership back to council A. This fixed the topic and I am now able to see all the Scoutmaster admin stuff I am used to seeing.

But, and I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or not, shortly after making that change, Scoutbook stopped working for me. I’m able to login but I’m only shown a generic “My Account” option. When I click that, it takes me to a generic account page with nothing specific to me, except that the title bar of the browser has my name listed in it, such as “First Name Last Name Account”, but the details are not there.

I asked around to the other leaders in my Troop and Scoutbook is working fine for them. Any idea how to get my Scoutbook working again?

Thanks in advance.

well this is fixed for you - but you have 2 BSA #s now as you are registered (maybe) in 2 councils. On your daughters unit I do not see an official registration for you though

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Thank you so much for the quick reply and fixing me up. I really appreciate it!

I have the same issue - i see the same screen - what info do you need to have to help me get this fixed?

Thank you

I am having the same issue. I can only see a generic My Account page and nothing else.

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