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Lost troop access

So I’m Feb i had a few issues with the SSO stuff, but managed eventually to get it all setup, and could see the troop my son has joined.

Fast forward to now, after summer holidays trying to log in and… I see nothign, I have a “My Dashboar” option, under that it has administration, and the only thing I can administer is my account.

No Troop,No patrols, no nothing.

Troop admin can see my profile, I have a full set of permissions, can administer everything, it’s all good… I’ve submitted a ticket but anything else anyone knows about?

It sounds like you have multiple Scoutbook IDs and possibly multiple BSA Member IDs.

When I search for your name under Add Leader I see two instances in South Texas Council.

Send an e-mail to and ask them to search for and combine duplicate IDs. Include your name, BSA Member ID, ID, e-mail address, unit and council.

Our council registrar says i don’t, although as you note some poor fellow with the same name as me in Texas appears to. However yes, could be that, I know until very recently storybook showed one membership number for me, but my.scouting showed another. I added the real one into my.scouting, made it primary and removed the other, sadly that didn’t seem to resolve anything.

Many people have ended up with multiple BSA Member IDs. This can happen because a registrar created members with first names of James and Jim (for example). Only can resolve duplicate IDs in Scoutbook.

Amusingly i just tried to sign-up for a new my.scouting account (curious to see if I could.create a separate account for my other bsa# ) and it said it found three records for me there. Seems like it’s all a bit lopsided

Do not create another account. This will generate another BSA member ID and just add to the problem.

Hi, @JamesDuerr,

I had one BSA ID from when I was a youth, one from when I first registered as an adult, then acquired another one somehow recently, although everybody denies having created a new me. Seems like this phenomenon is highlighting issues in the PersonID system, if nothing else. Hopefully the developers working on the various platforms are talking to one another and not buried by information silage…

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I’m having the same problem as described above - it used to work fine but all my dashboard information suddenly disappeared. I know I have two logins. I’ve requested to have them merged more than a year ago with no luck. I’m at a loss, and how am I supposed to find out my BSA member ID and ID. Why are there so many ID numbers? It just complicates matters. I’m quite frustrated.

Your key 3 (unit leader, committee chair, charter org rep) should be able to look up the member ID which you are registered under. Then, log into, and click legacy web tools > manage member ID. Make sure the the correct one is listed and set as primary. If not add it and/or set it as primary. Wait a day, then log into Scoutbook using that same username and password. Click my dashboard > administration > my account > switch sso profile. Enter your member ID, username, and PW, and click Submit.

I’m having the same access issues in ScoutBook, as well. I only have the one BSA # and confirmed the same in my.scouting. I’m still associated to my pack in my.scouting.

Everything was working fine last weekend, so not sure what changed with my profile in the past week.

Any advice to get my access back would be appreciated.


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