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Parent/committee Chair lost access to Scout andTroop

Good day, my committee chair seems to have lost access to both her son and the Troop. She indicates that when she logged on like she always has nothing is there. I suggested she try her my.scouting logon and says it is the same thing and that she has never had to use that one before. She is very frustrated. Something similar happened previously and they were able to get her straightened out. She is very frustrated and it is causing issues. Any assistance is appreciated.

I can assist. I sent you a direct message. Click on your icon in the upper right then the envelope.

Bill Nelson, Scoutbook User Advisory Council


The same thing happened to me. I am my Pack’s committee chair. I was able to log in and access my Pack without any issues on Thursday night. However, I tried last night and again today. Currently, I have no access to my Pack’s info. There is an incorrect Council listed in my Scoutbook Profile (my ID # is correct though) and on my.scouting, both the ID and Council are correct.

Any help you can give is appreciated!



@JenniferEisenberger what is the BSA you see in Scoutbook - and what do you see in my.scouting.org

@JenniferEisenberger You have a date of birth mismatch issue. We will send you a private message to work things out.

I am having the same issue all of a sudden I have NO access to any of the boys in my troop including my own son.


We are looking into your situation.

We have a couple parents with the same situation happening. They could access their two scouts information and no nothing. Everything on the key 3 side is showing that they are still connected. Thanks for any help with this.

That sounds like a new account/BSA ID was created somehow (e.g. during recharter if the names didn’t match precisely). One account is connected to the scout, but the other is what their email and login is associated with. You can often check for this by running a report to show or manually checking the email addresses for the parents. The “duplicate” accounts generally have an email address something like “changeyouremail@scoutbook.com”. That might make a first pass at identifying/ruling out causes.

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