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Can not edit Activity

I can not edit activities. I have two summer camps that I need to make changes to. One of them gives me the following error when trying to save after just deleting one youth participant (did not go). Past activity.
activity person details already deleted for the given activityPersonDetailsId - activityId: 6582546

The other one gives a similar error. I need to add and remove adults and youth in it. Currently occurring activity.

BSA ID 133437684

This appears to be a bug. The developers are looking into it. I don’t have an ETA of a fix yet.

It’s October and there is no fix yet. Very frustrating. The only recourse seems to be to delete the activity and start over again.

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Some fix might have been done - I can add participants I missed when the event was created. I wasn’t able to do that a couple of weeks ago.