Can not find Merit Badge Counselor

I received blue card scout and I can not find the MB Counselor when I put his name in the search merit badge counselors option. Is there another way to search? The counselor was from a different state but I can find counselors from all over.
FYI- this was not spoken about with a leader prior to doing the MB.

Thank you, Connie

If the MBC has their search set to anything but worldwide, you will not find them in MBC Search. Might be able to find through a plain Search from Scout’s Search page

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Thank you I will give that a try next.

I’ve had that happen a couple of times since the pandemic started. I reached out to the relevant council directly to verify the MBC’s status. It usually took some legwork to do, and frequently ruffled a lot of feathers on the sponsoring council’s end.

“Of course our counselors are registered!”
“So, how am I supposed to determine that from over here on the west coast if they’re not searchable in Scoutbook or on the web?”

In fairness, I’ve also had a similar issue more locally where it turned out a counselor didn’t realize they had been dropped, but was still volunteering at a unit-run MB day. In that case, it was a YPT-on-the-wrong-ID-number issue, which was easily resolved by the counselor getting things fixed through our council.

In all cases, I reminded the scouts (and their parents) that one of the reasons to have the conversation with the unit leader up front is to help ensure that the counselors the scouts are working with are registered, and have therefore had the relevant background checks and training.

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