Merit badge counselor search

I am registered in two councils. When I do a search for merit badge counselors nation wide I do not get any. I use a name of someone I know who registered in another council, but nothing shows up.Please, advise.

Merit badge counselors have to set their Listing Preference set to Any Council (Worldwide). The default is Council List.

If you know the name of someone who is registered for a particular merit badge, you should still be able to connect.

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As @JenniferOlinger said you can still connect - just not through the MBC search - through the standard connection system.

As an added hint on this, I would ask the person for the email that shows up on their Scoutbook account so that you can search using that email. It can be hard to find the right person just searching by name.

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I will try. Thank you

I have tried looking at people I know who are worldwide and they do not show up.

This when i use the MB function as an Adviser.
There is not a place to try searching for someone by email on the page, just name and zip code.
thank you

Sorry about that. I wasn’t as clear as I should have been. If you add the connection to the scout from the “Scoutname’s Connections” page, you can search by email address. Then, you set the connection as Merit Badge Counselor, and select the relevant MB.


Did you set the distance to Any and check the Include World wide box? The default is 50 miles. You can search for me for Photography MB.

thank you, I will try searching for you.

I will try again this week, but I could not find you either. The system just spun for a long time and nothing else.
Thank you

@KristinChioma - i just did a search on photography worldwide and the list generated 9 pages of counselors and Ed was there along with Scoutmaster Bucky
I then searched on photography, used edward as the first name and any distance and availability as both and got Ed within seconds.

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Unfortunately, all I get is “loading” and it stays that way. I must not be doing something correctly.

I’d suggest trying an incognito or private browsing window

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All I see when I search worldwide are ones from my own council.


If you are less than 50 miles from your council boarder, you will not see Counselors outside of your Council unless you also set the distance to Any and select a MB to search.

You can test this by searching for Dog Care with distance set to Any and Worldwide checked. Navigate to a high page number. You will see MBCs outside your Council.

Yes sir, that’s what I have set, but I still don’t see outside the council.

@ChristopherGail - did you check the worldwide check box ?

I don’t have one. At the very top I have a drop down menu with just my council, then what I posted.

I’m a council admin, would that change my view to council only?

@ChristopherGail - I am a unit k3 and this is what I see:

Do not use the search from admin screen go into a troop and search from there