Cannot find MBC in scout book, but counselor is sure she is in there

Hi, We are working with a counselor online because we don’t have a local one who is available to do the Environmental Sciences badge. The counselor has provided her name, city, state, email and BSA number, but whenever I look her up I get a message that says “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.” BSA number: 131304741. Tried to invite to both my son’s connection list and going in via the his environmental sciences badge. Is there something wrong with that record?

The MBC might have their search limited in SB - that is up to them @DanielAmdur

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Can you explain what that means, please? I don’t know what an SB is. :slight_smile:

Oh, Scout book! Duh! She does online classes and they are across the US. Is there a way to see if she has it limited so I can ask her to make an adjustment.

SB= Scoutbook - they might have a limited search radius

Thanks! Will ask her to check! She can do a blue card, but we are planning to do a few badges this way and want to make sure we can make it easy on the MBCs.

MBCs can connect themself if they have BSA # and Last name of scout - > under My Connections > Add Connection

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She shows up when I search for her. You need to make sure you are using her legal first name and last name. I also included member number and email address but not city.

Also make sure you check the include MBC only box

@DanielAmdur Please try again from the Scout’s Connections page in Scoutbook. You and your Scout both had the wrong council number in Scoutbook. I have updated it.

Like Jacob, I was able to find this MBC by searching on her name and e-mail with the “Include MBC Only” box checked.

Thanks. I closed scout book and logged in again to pick up any new changes. Still no dice. Using this BSA number: 131304741, the email address she gave me, and her last name. Tried again with first and last name she gave me. Both times with the MBC box checked. So odd.

Is there a way for you to confirm the email and name she gave us is correct in SB without posting that personal info here?

@DanielAmdur Are you searching for the MBC via Scoutbook’s “MB Counselor List” function?

Or are you searching from the “[Scout]'s Connections” screen?

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@DanielAmdur - I was able to find this MBC from the connections screen for my son. Please use the connections page for any scout you wish to connect to this MBC.

We were doing this from the merit badge “invite a counselor” area and had no luck. She just reached out and did it herself, but I think we tried the “add a connection” area the first round or two. Not since you all fixed the troop number though! Looks resolved for now. Thank you for your help.

@DanielAmdur - glad to hear that the connection was made. I do not however anyone on this chat did anything to anyone’s record.

Are they in your Council? Unless something has changed in the past few years There is something that the councils have to do to allow serachs and connections to MBC’s outside you local council listing. For some reason Councils do not activate this option without a LOT of pushing if they do at all.


Councils have nothing to activate. It is up to each MBC to decide to set their listing preference to worldwide if they want to be searchable beyond their council. This is done via the Scoutbook Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Memberships → MBC page.


I beg to differ. I AM a MBC and others from out of our council could not see me in my old troops council. I have all my permissions open to everyone and they still can’t see me. The same goes the other way when we tried to use someone from that council in ours. According to a search on this board during COVID and through conversations with BOTH councils registrars there needs to be something done on their end to share the info. In our council we cannot see any MBC’s outside our council area.

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@SteveMacCall-Carter - just for the fun of it how about you search for me as an MBC for surveying in