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Can not remove accidentally completed PYR Adventure

I had a Den Leader accidentally check off the Pamphlet (req 4) and the Protect Yourself Rules (req 5b) requirements on Webelos rank, because he thought they were the same thing, in addition to CyberChip (5a).

In trying to remove the PYR completion date, I get the following message.

This elective adventure is being counted toward rank advancement. If you want to remove the date completed on this adventure you must have at least two elective adventures remaining to count toward the Webelos rank.

I think this may be a holdover from when Webelos required 2 electives? The scouts already have another elective that should fulfill requirement 3, so not sure what I can do to remove this.

What are the steps you are taking when you try to remove the Protect Yourself Rules adventure?

So I have a scout (actually several) with 1 elective adventure, and all other Webelos requirements completed, along with the extra PYR adventure.

Assuming the error message is correct, this might not be an issue if the scouts had 2+ electives in hand, which I hope they will soon :wink:

But right now, if I go to a scout’s Advancement -> Webelos -> PYR. Then click on the “Completed” checkbox… And in the popup I remove the date and the approved/recorded checkmark, and click Save, I get the error.

In case this matters…
The completed/approved date for PYR is 1/20.
For the elective (in this case Fix It), the competed date is 1/19 and approved is 1/20.
PYR is showing up as the elective identified in requirement #3, as well as 5b. (5a is also checked)

Do I correctly understand that all of the affected scouts also have a current CyberChip? Does the CyberChip predate the elective adventure, or is it dated afterwards?

Edited above with some more info…

To your question, Cyber Chip was completed on 1/18, but marked completed and approved on 1/20. Actually, same dates for PYR.

Ah! A boundary case. That’s usually where my code barfs up a hairball, too.

What happens if you change one of the “Completed” dates?

What is the completion date for the Webelos rank?

I’ve replicated the issue with other elective adventures, too. I’ll see if there’s a workaround.

Found a workaround:
Start by removing the completion date and approval on Webelos req #1.
Then, removed the completion date and approval on the Webelos rank itself.
Then, remove PYR or the incorrect 2nd elective adventure.
Add the completion of Webelos req #1.

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Same dates as the above. I think the Rank was marked completed when requirements 4 and 5 (both parts) were checked off, since those were the last ones.

Looks like the workaround works. Thanks!

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