Conflict between Scoutbook and Webelos Handbook

Webelos rank requires completion of at least one Elective Adventure to earn this rank. The Webelos Handbook does not list ‘Protect Yourself Rules’ (PYR) as an Elective Adventure for Webelos (or Arrow of Light). Scoutbook awards Webelos rank for Scouts whose only Elective Adventure is PYR. I believe this is incorrect, and Scoutbook needs to be changed. If not, what document approves this change to Webelos advancement requirements?
Jim Brown

There were a few ways this was announced. It has been out a few years. A bit of googling came up with this official page in about 1 second.

“It will be determined how much interest there is, based on several factors. Successful previews will be considered to be included in the next edition of the Cub Scout handbooks.

These adventures count toward advancement just like other elective adventures.”

Thanks, Matt,
As a point of clarification: “Protect Yourself Rules” (PYR) is used to comply with Requirement #5 for Webelos, as shown in Scoutbook. If PYR is also used as the Elective Adventure for Webelos rank, that is “double-dipping” - a practice that is commonly forbidden under other Scouting advancement requirements. I believe that is another reason PYR should not be permitted as the only Elective Adventure to earn Webelos rank.
Jim Brown

Webelos req #5 only requires the video from PYR (although the way it’s worded as a choice between the video and doing the whole adventure doesn’t make sense to me). At any rate, the Cub Scout program office has said that it can be used as an elective. So, it’s not going to change in scoutbook unless they say otherwise or the requirement clearly excludes it.


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