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Error message when trying to correct entered requirements

Hi, I had a parent mark an elective requirement and then the entire elective as completed in SB, but he inadvertently marked the wrong requirement. Normally, I can just correct this by removing the date and saving. I get the expected “In order to make changes to this requirement you must first remove the date the adventure was completed” error message, but when I try to remove the date the elective was completed, I am get another error message:

This elective adventure is being counted toward rank advancement. If you want to remove the date completed on this adventure you must have at least two elective adventures remaining to count toward the Webelos rank.

First, this scout has already earned Webelos rank (completed Dec2020) and is working on AOL. I’m not sure what this error message means or what I need to do to correct this issue. Can someone please help?


Was the parent using the Scouting mobile app?

I don’t believe so, but I can double check. In general, then parents in my den use the website.

Just confirmed - parent uses scoutbook.scouting.org to log in

What is the Scout’s UserID (you can find it on the Scout’s Edit Profile page in Scoutbook)?

His user ID is 10298786

What is the name of the adventure that was marked completed by accident?

This sounds a bit like the error I had in this thread…

While we found a workaround, it sounds like there’s still a fundamental issue requiring 2 elective adventures for rank (which I think was the case when the new ranks first rolled out).

Art Explosion xxxxxx

Hi Sage, I did find that thread when I first searched the issue, but was having a hard time following it.

Linda, can you try removing the individual requirements?

Tried to remove Req 3B, still got this
In order to make changes to this requirement you must first remove the date the adventure was completed.

Try this workaround:

Start by removing the completion date and approval on Webelos req #1.
Then, remove the completion date and approval on the Webelos rank itself.
Then, remove the incorrect elective adventure.
Add the completion of Webelos req #1.

Thanks @jacobfetzer, that worked. Seems like a fairly complicated series of steps to remove something marked as complete but not leader approved! At first I was thrown off by the fact that I had to edit Webelos dates, as this scout already earned that rank and was using Art Explosion towards his AOL requirements.

Yes, it’s a bug for sure. That’s not the optimal way to remove it if everything was working correctly.

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