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Can scouts profiles be recovered

I have had a scout leave the troop and decide to come back. He had been removed from our official roster. How can I recover his account? Is there a way?

There is a good chance that a Troop Admin is still connected to the Scout. Try going to:

My Dashboard -> My Account -> My Connections

If you see the Scout listed there, click on his name, and then click on [Scout]'s Membership. You can add a new membership with the troop or go to a past membership and remove the date ended.

Did he recharter with your troop? Or was he dropped at recharter?

If no one is connected to the Scout to move him back to the troop, use the transfer in Scout link on the roster page. You will need the Scout’s last name and BSA member ID.

On the new application, make sure you write the Scout’s BSA Member ID so he retains his records.

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Thank you! This seemed to work, he was still listed there. He was dropped at recharter, if that info is still relevant. I was able to reassign him to his patrol everything seems good. Thanks again!

Because he was dropped at recharter, you will need to contact your council to officially re-register him. Be sure you include his BSA member number so they do not create another one for him.

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