Need to reconnect Scout to Connections in Scoutbook after ending membership

Good Evening,

 I am a Cubmaster and while doing some housekeeping in Scoutbook I accidentally ended the connection and ended the membership of a current scout.  The scout still shows in the My.Scouting roster for the pack, and the recharter roster, but no longer shows in the roster under advancements or within the Pack on Scoutbook.  I have tried to search and reconnect or transfer him into the unit, however, I cannot find him when searching.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thank you.

@JosephBrindlinger you can post the BSA # and we can look

Member number: 140131575

Thanks for taking a look!

@JosephBrindlinger that is not a scouts BSA # - please check again

That’s really odd, that is the number I am pulling off of my roster on My.Scouting. Would there be a different number listed somewhere? It states member ID, we are a Pack if that makes a difference.

@JosephBrindlinger I typed it wrong I think - I setup a sync for the afternoon to bring them back to Scoutbook - when moving scouts around to dens you should ONLY use the Reassign buttons

Sounds great, thank you very much for the help. I’m still learning the ins and outs of Scoutbook but it’s defiantly getting easier. Thanks again for the assist!

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