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Can’t Add MB Using Mobile to Connect Counselor

I’m away from home and don’t have desktop access. I have a scout and MB counselor that need to be connected, but the screen that comes up when I click Add doesn’t give me a list of MBs to select. If I try to extend the invitation without a MB selected, I get a message saying Must Add MB. Please advise.


It sounds to me as if you are using the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox when at your computer. Due to restrictions placed by Apple and Google, extensions on work with Firefox on Android.

The way you must connect a Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) to a Scout on a mobile device is to go to the Scout’s connection page, click +Add then enter the MBC’s name or e-mail address in the search bar.

What you’ve described here is exactly what I did, and I found the MB counselor with no problem. The issue is that when I try to send the invitation to the counselor to connect with the scout (clicking the button at the bottom of the page), I get a message that says I have to choose a merit badge in order to send that invitation. Only there isn’t a list of merit badges to choose from.

I’ll try and screenshot what’s happening.


Did you set the Merit Badge Counselor check box when you attempted to make the connection? Does the Scout have the Merit Badge already listed on the advancement page? The Merit Badge must be started (listed on the advancement page) in order for the list of Merit Badges the MBC counsels to appear.

No, the merit badge was not listed on the scout’s page. So that would be why it worked when I went through the Scout’s Advancement and chose the merit badge first. God to have it figured out.

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