Can't Connect a Counselor

I’m trying to connect a MB counselor to a scout, but every time I try, it tells me I need to “Please check all the roles that apply to this user.” MB counselor is selected by the site, and she’s not a parent, family member, or adult leader. Why isn’t it letting me connect them?


What is your role in the unit?

I’m the Scoutmaster.


Post the BSA Member ID (no names) of the Scout you are trying to connect and we will investigate

@MarniHall The name of the merit badge would be helpful, too.

ID 136317340, Art MB. Counselor (if that helps) is Heather Van Kampen.

What is the MBCs BSA #?

@MarniHall the Merit badge is not started for the scout?

Yes, the MB has been started. It’s on her list of merit badges. I’m just trying to connect her to the counselor.

I can’t figure out how to see the MBC ID, but I could ask. She used to be part of our unit but moved to a different state, and some of the girls wanted to finish this with her.

I’m under the scout and the merit badge, Add the counselor. When I search for her she comes up and I select her. With this counselor I would be happy to add her as a family member (happy to adopt her in), but trying to figure out why I can’t just add her as a counselor so I don’t have to do that if it comes up again.

Well did she register in the other state as a leader? MBC is a one year term

Would I be able to select her if she hadn’t?

I’m pretty sure she did. I know she’s involved with a unit there.

@MarniHall It looks like her Merit Badge Counselor registration expired in December 2020. She will need to re-register as a MBC.

^^^ THIS ^^^ current registration is always key. I have seem far to may cub packs that assume that adults are leaders because they are tiger or lion partners, and troops that think that an adult can be added as a leader.

There are simple rules:

  1. Adult Leader Application
  2. Criminal Background Check form
  3. Youth Protection Training

If NONE of that is in place or in progress then all bets are off

It is just that simple

OK, thanks. I’ll tell her to get her MBC application in.

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Both old and new BSA member IDs may need to be in my Scouting Tools profile.

Have MBC contact new council for what they need for MBC registration and MBC’s Merit Badges approved to be counseled. Separate application is needed for MBCs and likely will have a different expiration date than a unit position.

Background check needs to be current. At least one state is now requiring fingerprints.

MBC information form, or equivalent, also needs to on file and MB approved to be counselled by new council.

MBC information may need to be updated on Scoutbook for new council.

She’s the wife of a professional scouter and was very involved with two units before they moved, so I’m sure she knows what to do.

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