Can’t create a report

Can’t create a report. Asks me to log in with login info which I already am.

It might be a session cookie issue. Try logging out, then logging back in again.

@williamharper2 - I think a bit more information may be helpful here. Is this in or internet Advancement or even Beyond that what is your role in the scouting unit?

I am Bill Harper of Troop 426 in Minnetonka Minnesota. I was CC. The issue is with on my iphone. I can generate reports on any other platform.
Other leaders with iphones had no trouble. I log in using the SSO username and password. When I try to generate a report I get the message you can

see in the attached screen shot. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! (also, no problem with my Samsung S8 android phone).


Do you have Scoutbook stored as a web app (icon on your home screen) on your iPhone? The way Apple handles session cookies with web apps causes problems for Scoutbook. Try going to directly from Safari and see if that fixes your problem.

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That did it! Thanks.

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