Can’t set Full Control for Pack Admin

I have a parent/leader account that seems to be in a strange state. This person is our Advancement Chair and also a Pack Admin, but in the Connections Manager they’re listed as only having read-only access to scouts. When I attempt to change their access to all scouts in bulk, all the options appear checked but disabled so I can’t set anything - and clicking ok doesn’t change anything. If I change on a per-scout basis, the check boxes for permission levels are no longer disabled, but the changes don’t appear to take either.

I’ve tried everything I can think of. The strangest thing is that if I remove this leaders positions and then try to search for their account in the “Add Leader” process, it says there are no matches no matter if I search by their name, email address, or BSA number - which makes no sense given that I can go back and look at their account to verify that, yes, there is indeed a match.

Not sure what to do at this point. Our Advancement Chair needs full access to our scouts and I’ve got no way of granting that.

@DavidGlick - does this person how up in the roster at ? I suspect they are not a registered leader or has multiple accounts.

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@DavidGlick post BSA # and we can look

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Ah! I think you might be on to something. I had thought we rechartered with this leader last year, but looking through the paperwork she started filling the advancement chair position just after. Looks like I probably need to have her officially register and then I’ll see if that trickles down.


@DavidGlick - I would make sure to use the BSA ID that they had prior when submitting the adult application.

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