Pack Admin - Not having full control

Hi, I am one of the Pack Admins in Scoutbook and I am trying to add another leaders as another Admin for our Scoutbook Instance. I have added the leader as an admin and clicked update a couple times, but this leader still does not have Full Control access.

The leaders BSA number is 12775128. I am wondering is something happened with re charter and they are not setup properly as an active leader or maybe they have multiple accounts?

I have also noticed on some leaders the add position button from the lower right corner is not present. Seems like newer records are missing this and older records in the instance have it.


The individual with BSA Member ID 12775128 is only registered as a Tiger Cub Adult which is not an adult leader position. You will need to register her as an adult leader in order to add her as a unit admin.

Thanks Ed! I appreciate that very much!

Hi Ed,

Our committee chairman just told me this user also has BSA member id 136696771 as a committee member, which is not in our scoutbook instance. Can the 2 records be merged under 136696771?Thanks


This is fixed. You will need to go to the user’s Pack Admin position and click Update without changing any of the data to fix the connections.

Thank You! I just clicked on update and her record now has full control!

Have a great day and week!