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Can’t subscribe to den/pack calendar ios

Been trying to subscribe to my pack and den calendar by copying the .ics link from scoutbook and adding it to the subscribed calendar feature under settings/calendars/other/subscribed calendar on an iPhone. I first get an “Cannot connect using SSL” error, then choose the option to try without ssl. I then get an error saying “unable to verify account information”. If I paste the link into safari, which should prompt the calendar subscription I get a 502 bad gateway error.

Any ideas? Hasn’t been a problem before with same pack and same devices.

This is the format of the link for our den calendar with numbers represented by asterisks.

How are you accessing the URL? That doesn’t look right? It should be more like http://www.scoutbook.com/ics/xxxxx.xxxx.ics

Go to you calendar in scoutbook.com and click subscribe. That’ll bring up the link to copy.

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If you have problems with @jacobfetzer’s process, you can also subscribe to the Scoutbook calendars using whatever desktop calendar application you have that syncs to your iOS device (that’s how I do it, since we use Google Suite for our family calendaring).

@ScottCrowder1 - where did sbcalendar.scouting.org originate from ? All of the unit calendars should originate from scoutbook.com

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I was able to subscribe through scoutbook and subscribing to the calendar feed. The link I provided was copied from within the scoutbook den leader app. Those links worked last year. But the format definitely isn’t right.

@ScottCrowder1 - then obviously not a scoutbook bug. This should be moved to the DLE topic.

@ScottCrowder1 - Will you please provide your memberID and which den you encountered this issue?

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