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Calendar syncs is not working

Can’t make calendar subscribe work with new site. Won’t provide the needed info to bring into my iphone

Can you detail the process that you’re using to subscribe to the calendar (and possibly iOS version) so that the SUAC/developers can investigate what might be going wrong?

Are you copying the ICS file? I just went in and resubscribed on my iPhone and it worked.

Quick add calendar link process summary:
You have to copy the link to the ICS, go to settings, mail, accounts, add account, other, add subscribed calendar, paste the copied ICS link. Done.

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i tried the ICS file route. Now i dont see the ICS file info. all i get when i click the “subscribe” is
https://scoutbook.scouting.org/mobile/dashboard/calendar/# but no ICS number or anything. and my iPhone won’t accept it.
Says "cannot connect without using SSL. wont accept my scoutbook login.
my old scoutbook subscribed calendars had a ics/ number that corresponded to this calendar.
new link does not appear to have it.

When you are on the calendar page in scoutbook, you click the red subscribe. This will bring up a popup that has the url you need to paste into your device subscriptions.

You don’t see the url in the second snag?



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@Matt.Johnson - that is a great patrol name.

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