Can’t upload document through recharter upload function

I can’t upload a CBC form using the document upload function on the recharter page. I have selected the correct individual adult leader for the file upload. It says it prefers zip files, so I did that but still not accepting it. I’ve double checked the file name for spacing, also tried uploading a pdf and jpeg version, still not accepting. Is this function inoperative? Any assistance is appreciated.

@JohnZaikowski - try the file as a pdf

Did you already upload a document for that person or is this the first document? We had a issue where you only get to upload one document and can’t add a new one or replace the first one.

Tried as a pdf and not working. I’ve also tried uploading from different locations: google drive, download list, and desktop and not working.

This is the first document for this person. Our unit is expired in the system, could this function be turned off in that scenario?