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Internet Recharter 2.0 - Attaching Files

There seems to be something up with attaching files. When I attach a file, it does not seem to have a mechanism to see what I had attached. Another user who was testing the system tried to attach a zip file to a new member and it won’t let them. It does allow them to attach a zip to an existing member.

Matt -

We need the Internet Recharter folks to chime in. I don’t have any more info than you do.

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I have reported this to the developers

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@RonaldBlaisdell Sorry for being snippy! I just wanted to get the feedback in. Either “you are doing it wrong, do it this way” or “its a bug”. @jacobfetzer Thanks!

@Matt.Johnson What’s the bsa member number on the account you used for this?

@Matt.Johnson I talked to somebody on here and suggested to combine the files into one PDF document. They said that worked as a work around for the zip file issue.

@jacobfetzer the zip file issue was one that a person posted on Facebook. So, I don’t have their user ID. If I remember when back at home, I can ask them.

@JohnGeiser That is a good suggestion and would work well for the more computer capable among us. Other may find that too advanced. :slight_smile:

I’d still like some type of interface that would allow me to see what has been attached. I guess if it is just me as CC doing the recharter, it is not a big deal, but it should be seen as an improvement request for next year if it can’t be done in time this year.