How to either upload a second doc or delete the first upload?

Our troop has a new scouter. I uploaded her application in the recharter roster. I realized afterwards that I also need to upload her BCA. Her “upload document” option is greyed out, so I cannot upload a second file. Is there a way to erase the previous upload, so I can zip the two files and upload them together?

I would just delete that person and start over for them with a single file

Thanks for the suggestion! By “delete” do you mean “remove member”? I tried that and when I add them back in, the document comes with them too. Is there another way?

@LauraJeanmougin that is only way built into system and it is something I did not test in that way. Your council can reset your recharter back to the starting point - OR just turn in the CBC form to the council manually. Anytime there is a new application the recharter goes from near automatic to a manual process anyway.

okay, thank you very much for your help

I had the issue and tried the same thing. I had them reset my charter, I turned the form in, waited for it to be processed, refreshed, and started over. It would be nice if a delete feature was added.