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Internet Recharter 2.0 - adding new adult members

In the sandbox, when trying to add a new adult member, the system does not seem to allow upload of a zip file containing the adult application (with CBC), YPT cert., Photo ID and state required CORI form. The upload application block only accepts a single document (e.g. a .pdf of the application). It won’t allow adding the new member without the application, but won’t accept the additional documents in a .zip file. This seems to make adding a new adult member during the recharter process very difficult as the additional documents would need to be sent to the council office separately before the new adult can be processed - if you must do this, why not send the adult application in that way. Is this a system design, or is there some bug in the sandbox? Not at all sure who to ask as council registrar training on the new system has not yet occurred.
You can add .zip files to existing adults (e.g. those who need YPT or CBC update), but once you add the application to a new member, you can’t add any additional documents.
Based on what I know now, I plan to recommend that units NOT use the recharter process to add new adults - add them “manually” through the council office.

Have you tried combining them into one document and adding that?

It has been my recommendation to my district units to add adults in the usual fashion before doing the online recharter as well.

Thanks, combining all items to a single .pdf works - the issue is that the national training materials are advocating use of .zip folders for multiple documents, which does not work.