Can the Cubmaster see % complete toward rank for entire pack?

When I log into my Scoutbook I can see my sons and the % they’ve completed toward their rank. I can also see all the Scouts in my Den and their % complete on my dashboard. Is there a way for the Cubmaster to see the % complete for every scout in the Pack? I know I can go into each Den and each individual scout to see their progress, but I was hoping for a more streamlined process or report. Thanks!

As one of the Key 3, the CM can create, save, and run reports using Report Builder Manager. Report Builder Manager is located under:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Pack XYZ → Pack Reports

There’s a how-to (among other things) here:

ETA: Oops. Wrong link. That was the overview list. Try this one instead:

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@PamelaNelson1 - from the pack page click on roster which will show alll scouts and current progress


Thank you!!! I love that I can save the report and run it from time to time as a status check in. Awesome!


My Roster has always shown just their names and current rank. Today I discovered the settings cog and was able to select % and sort by den. Between this and the steps provided above to generate a report, I am one happy camper right now! Thank you!


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