Den Progress Overview

I have some pretty upset den leaders with the new Scoutbook Plus (I’m the Cubmaster and have taken on learning it as best I can to help them). The biggest issue they have is there is no general den progress overview. Like a progress report for the whole den that shows what each scout is missing. They want to track progress overall and catch up scouts who need it. Clicking each scout and looking at their individual pages or doing individual reports to not helpful to them. I am missing a feature? Or could this be added. Right now they are all looking to track on paper and give me the data to enter. Which is fine with me, but overall just frustrating for lack of pretty key feature.

@SamanthaReddy for know it is rather easy to go to Scoutbook > Unit > Reports > Report Builder > there they can make and save exactly what they want to track

When I do this, it says no reports to view. I have also tried report manager, and it has no reports to view and will not let me generate one.

I am also not sure this is the type of report my den leaders are looking for. If it is similar to before the update.

I figured it out. But unfortunately that report is not going to work. I have some not-tech-savy at all den leaders who will not be able to figure that out. And this report still is not what they are looking for. I attached a photo of what they hoping for, very simple visual report.

it is simple - and you can save them to share them with your unit - and honestly the systems tracks things good enough on its own for rank completion


You can create a report just like your example with Report Builder. Click on new report. Select the den and the adventures you want to display. Select the option to rotate the report so names are down and adventures across the top.

The report I generated was not simple at all. And only showed was what earned. Not what was missing and by who.

Again i want to stress that this system is easy for tech savy people only.

I would suggest playing around with it a bit

I have a lot. Nothing comes to close to what they are asking for (see image)

Choose Wolf Den - or any - and these settings - and get this - it is what you want

That looks nothing like the report I am getting. I don’t understand how to get that.

What are you selecting to get that? Here are my own options.


You need to select Report Builder Manager to get to where you can build your report.