Can you add a google document to Scout Book?

Can you add a google document to Scout Book?

@CherylLindsey - there is no document storage in scoutbook

It kinda depends on what you’re trying to do.

For example, you could add a share link to the comments on an advancement/award requirement. You could also add a link in something like an event invitation.

An example is that we have said in the body of the document “a health form is required and follow this link to a bank copy that can be printed. Recommended gear list can also be found on our website”. Both of these are in the body of the invite. We often copy an old campout to make a new campout entry.

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In our Scoutbook calendar, we have been able to add links to both Google Docs (which we use for sign up sheets for our Troop – where we need info beyond just a “yes” or “no” attendance in the calendar (stuff like dietary restrictions, whether people need or can offer a ride, etc.). That was pretty simple using some coding in the Event Description/Invitation Message box (e.g., to make a URL clickable in Scoutbook, you just add some code before the link and after the link). This works fine in Scoutbook, but it doesn’t work in the new IA calendar, which seems like a major step backwards. Note: some time ago, I downloaded the Feature Assistant for Scoutbook (Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook - Chrome Web Store), which added a bunch of features, like recurring meetings, that weren’t in the original Scoutbook. I’m not sure if the ability to add URLs was part of that Feature Assistant, or if it was part of Scoutbook all along. Either way, this seems like a critical feature that should be included in the new IA calendar.

It has been filed as a bug and accepted, it seems, as a bug. So, it isn’t done yet, but will have that feature soon.

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