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Has Scoutbook considered a feature for document storage? Our troop is looking to move away from TroopWebHost but have gotten accustomed to having the appropriate troop documents stored on our site. They are characterized as
Public: Membership forms, etc - Do not need to be in the troop to access
Troop: Inside the troop (Parents, Leaders)
Admin: Editable document for use and re-use


This has been previously requested. Enterprise storage is very expensive, especially when you do not own the data center. Because of this, we doubt the BSA will add cloud storage to Scoutbook.

We recommend using one of the free cloud storage options such as Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. You can use your unit forum to place links to the documents you are storing remotely.

That’s what our Troop has been doing. All documents are in a Box account, and links were shared via the forum.

Our troop is starting to use Google Drive to store documents. We tested linking from the unit forum. Link works okay, but some people haven’t been able to get the doc to load all the way.

One problem: I tried logging in as a parent who didn’t use SSO (just email as user) and they can’t access the unit forum, even when linking from the unit page. Bug report here.

This plan obviously won’t work if only leaders with SSO can see the unit forum, not parents or Scouts with their own access.

We have a documents page on our troop website that we use for the parents and the scouts documents as well as our fundraising fliers.
We use Google docs/drive for our leader based documents.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I have asked again for status on fixing the issue with parents not getting forum access. I pointed the developers to your ticket.

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