Use Cases for Document Repository for Scoutbook

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Hi @Stephen_Hornak, there are several instances where we’d like to make the document available:

  1. For an event, we might want to attach permission slips, instructions, notices,…
  2. When fulfilling an advancement activity, we might want to add supporting documents (i.e journey entries about doing a good turn daily for n weeks).
  3. For meetings, we like to publish our agenda and meeting notes for everyone to review.
  4. We’d like to have “forever sticky” documents like pack onboarding instructions, bylaws, pack norms and practices.

@DuyVo1 - we have unit docs linked on our unit web sites. The google login is not universal within scoutbook and what repository would the user access once logged in… certainly not national as that is not going to happen and likely not your unit. This has been brought up many times and it will likely not happen

hi Stephen,

We have a pack gmail account, so couldn’t we use that as the account that holds the document? We can then oauth through that account?


@DuyVo1 - look… how is that account going to work for scoutbook.

Mods lets close this thread

You could use any Google account you want to store the docs. There are other options, too, of course.

@jacobfetzer - yes there are but this request is for the docs to be housed with scoutbook

There are no plans for Scoutbook to provide cloud storage for units. Cloud storage is expensive, especially when you don’t own the data center. There are plenty of free options units can take advantage of such as Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, etc.


I’m still not really clear why this request involves Scoutbook/BSA systems at all.

These could be accomplished by linking to wherever the documents are hosted, the former in the calendar event description, and the latter in the requirement comments. The SUAC folks have already discussed the reasons that BSA is unlikely to support authentication to other sites, so I won’t go back into that here. Neither of these seem like documents that would require any more security than ensuring they are only sent to the appropriate people in the first place. However, you could obviously establish your own ACL on the document host system and require authentication there.

Again, the former could likely be done as a link in an email. The latter is potentially a bit more challenging, assuming you want authentication to actually access them. However, if there’s nothing “secret”, you could potentially just publish these on your unit website via links to the document hosting system. If there are concerns about securing some information (e.g. individual contact data that might be included in an onboarding packet), then you could maintain a secured document with copies of the links to all of those documents, using an ACL for the leaders who would be circulating them. The linked documents themselves would be unsecured, but again would only be sent out to the intended recipients.


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