Remove Unpurchased Items from Purchase order

We ran our purchase order for needs purchasing and went to the scout store they did not have everything on our order. How do we put it back into the needs purchasing and remove it from the purchase order so when we mark everything as awarded these 5 items will still show up that they need to be purchased.

Right know they are on the needs awarding report
Thank you

Your options are:

  1. Delete the entire PO, create a new one, only add the items you purchased, close that PO, then start a new one with the items you still need
  2. Put the items you still need in the comments of the next PO

I’d like to see a better option to remove items from the PO, too, as we frequently have the same issue. I believe there is something in the backlog, but I do not know when or it it will be implemented.

This happens a lot, especially with continuing supply problems at the scout shops. What I have been doing lately is printing out the Needs Purchasing Report in the browser and bringing that with me to the store to use as a shopping list. Once I get back I create the PO putting on it only the items I was able to purchase. One drawback is that you have to put the rank badges or merit badges on a PO in order for Scoutbook to generate an advancement report for you. Fortunately those are usually always in stock (knock on wood). Also the Needs Purchasing report doesn’t group items by type and quantity like you can on a PO which makes picking items a little harder.

If the developers can’t get to implementing the ability to remove items from a PO, it would be nice to be able to generate the Needs Purchasing Report in pdf format rather than printing it in the browser.

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Good tip Thanks for your help

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