Can youth leaders approving advancement

I saw a prior thread on this topic but now I can’t find it with the very limited search capability here. But I want to know the latest on the ability to have youth leaders approve achievements for younger scouts in scoutbook. This is even more important now that we are doing virtual meetings.

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Youth are not able to approve or see advancement for other youth. This is in the backlog but requires a rewrite of the Scoutbook permission system so I do not expect it to happen soon

What I do is use the notes field to record advancement signed off in the Scout’s handbooks by others, including youth.


We do that as well. That really helps avoiding confusion – it’s pretty typical for one or two adults in our Troop to do all of the bookkeeping in Scoutbook, even if they’re not the ones that are actually approving the requirement completions. A quick “Approved by Mr. H, updated by Mr. C” avoids a lot of confusion down the road.

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