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Treasurer Payment Log Not Allowing Add

I am the Treasurer for our Pack and am unable to Add an item to a scout’s Payment Log. Any idea if this changed for some reason with the latest update.

At one point, Full Control permissions (Unit Admin?) were required to access the payment logs. Have you checked your connections to the scouts in question?

As Treasurer, I should have full control of Payment Logs. This just occurred recently.

I understood that this was new behavior from your first post I’m asking if you’ve verified that your connections haven’t changed for some reason. The Treasurer position does not, as far as I know, automatically have Full Control permissions for every scout.

There are a number of things that can cause issues with the payment logs. The question was to try to rule out one of them.

I have Full Control on the Scout’s account but the Add button is disabled on the Payment Log.

I’m thinking the issue may have derived from the recent changes to correct an issue with parents being able to edit the payment logs. Is it only one scout, or do you have the same issue with multiple scouts?

You could try going to your Unit Treasurer position in My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Positions, and accept it again. That might reset the access. It might also require a unit admin to approve the position again.

I have tried with multiple scouts and the Add button is disabled for all. I went to My Positions and checked the Accept box for the Treasurer role but that did not make any changes to allow me to edit the Payment Log.

This is a known issue that was introduced with the fix to prevent parents from updating the payment log. We have asked the developers to prioritize a fix but do now yet know when it will be released.

The workaround is to make the treasurer a Unit Admin.

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I am having the same issue. My troop’s scoutmaster has verified that my permissions haven’t changed. Thanks for posting!

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